Considering a Fiber Internet Upgrade?

Fiber optic broadband options are popular for good reason: fiber Internet gives you the best possible connection with the fastest speeds available. Is your business ready to make the switch?

Whether you need an ultra-secure connection or speeds to power multiple devices, fiber Internet for small business can help increase your team’s productivity. With vastly improved upload and download speeds, along with plenty of bandwidth to share, you can say goodbye to data bottlenecks.

Most of today’s business broadband plans include fiber optic broadband options. Be sure and choose a fiber optic Internet provider who can future-proof your internet service needs.

Different than Residential Services

Fiber internet for small business is different than residential internet service. The internet connection you get at home is usually shared between customers—whether it’s a fiber connection or a cable connection. However, most business fiber optic broadband options let your business connect directly to a fiber optic network. Since you won’t share your connection with other customers, you’ll get the speeds you pay for along with the security of a direct connection.

Business Fiber Optic Bundle Benefits

Your business doesn’t have to be a huge enterprise to reap the benefits of fiber optic broadband options. A fiber Internet connection can benefit a variety of organizations:

  • Coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, bars, and cafes can offer free Wi-Fi to customers. With a fiber optic connection, you’ll have plenty of bandwidth for lots of customers to share.
  • Doctor and dentist offices, clinics, and community hospitals can also offer Wi-Fi to visitors and patients, helping provide a more comfortable stay.
  • Regional banks can conduct secure financial transactions more rapidly: loan applications, Blue Book values, credit checks, and more.
  • Offices can provide a separate Wi-Fi connection for employees, along with visitor Wi-Fi connections.
  • Schools and libraries can power guest computers with fast broadband connections.
  • Any business with a waiting room—mechanics, counselors, attorneys, hair salons, accountants, tire sales, photographers, and consultants, just to name a few—can help customers and visitors feel like their wait is more productive by offering Wi-Fi.

Are You Ready to Switch to Fiber?

Not sure you’re ready? Before you make your final decision to move to fiber, consider these points whether or not there are fiber broadband options near you. Or will a connection require extensive construction? If fiber hasn’t been installed in your area, construction costs can be high. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to ask your local service provider; they are often willing to invest in construction, if your location gives them the opportunity to sell to and serve a new area or multiple businesses. Always check with your Internet provider to get an estimate of the initial costs for your unique needs.

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